Can someone create the Applications/17.08 branches ?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Jul 15 09:38:25 UTC 2017

We have to release the Beta this thursday/friday.

I'm going to be AFK for the rest of the weekend, attending a wedding on 
monday, a concert on tuesday.

So it would be great if someone can create the Applications/17.08 branches 
today/tomorrow, (you may need extra karma to be able to create a branch with 
that name, ask sysadmins for it if you need it).

What needs to be done (unless i forget something that always can happen) is:

 * Figure out if someone forgot to upmerge some bugfix from 17.04 to master 
(happens regularly once or twice each release), for that i use [1] and ignore 
the projects that don't do merges from the stable branches to master (you'll 
figure out which they are), if they don't want to make my life easy i can't 
help them. For that i use [1]
 * Create the branches, for that i use [2]
 * Get the old branches out of CI and the new branches in to CI, for that I've 
no idea since the new CI is new and have never done it but hopefully editing 
the kde-build-metadata/logical-module-structure should be enough as it was 
 * While editing the logical-module-structure take into account that some 
repos may have moved from being kdelibs4 based to KF5 based, while you do that 
make sure the list at
17.08_Release_Notes is complete
 * Coordinate with Luigi to move the appropiate trunk translations over to 
 * Edit the topic on #kde-devel
 * Email kde-devel mailing list mentioning trunk is open for features and that 
people should fix bugs in the new Applications/17.08 branch and merge upwards.

I think that's mostly it.

Someone up the task?

Sorry to give such short notice but i just realized we're so close to the date 
this morning.



P.S: modules.git is the from release-tools repo, master branch (in this case 
could use 17.04 branch since AFAIR we are not dropping any repo this release)

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