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Mon Jul 10 08:37:19 UTC 2017

¡Hola Martin!

El 2017-07-09 a las 14:52 +0200, Martin Flöser escribió:
>>> If there are changes which can be backported we will do. Please do 
>>> not cherry pick changes, that makes it impossible for us to ensure 
>>> the quality or investigate bugs.

>> That's not what I was trying to do here.

>> With my Debian hat on, Plasma LTS is what I'm trying to keep in the 
>> stable release, for components not under a LTS release cherry picking 
>> might be our only option, though.

> Then there is no need to ask, we will backport the changes which make 
> sense. Bugfixes are dangerous as this issue here shows.

I'm asking because not every maintainer tracks lts, or at least not every 
issue in the lts. Sorry if it bothers you, but I still need to ask for issues 
that I can't test on my own.

Happy hacking,
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