Moving LibKGAPI do KDE Applications

Heiko Becker mail at
Mon Feb 6 15:14:57 UTC 2017


On 02/06/17 16:00, Daniel Vrátil wrote:
>> LibKGAPI is currently a "library with an independent release schedule (aka
>> extragear-libs).
> Yup, we are already extragear.
>> Just as reference, who are the current users?
> In PIM (and Applications) it's kdepim-runtime, blogilo and pim-storage-
> service-manager. 
> Outside of KDE Applications it's kio-gdrive.

any reason not to make it a framework? There are already users from
Applications and Extragear and it also has a 'KF5' prefix (like so many
other non frameworks, who IMHO shouldn't).


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