PIM versioning and dependencies

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at kde.org
Sun Aug 27 08:47:58 UTC 2017

On Saturday, August 26, 2017 11:02:21 PM CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a little bit of an issue in PIM at the moment. It can be
> broken down into 3 separate issues, but overall from my perspective
> the PIM team is violating established practice in the community.
> The first issue concerns the dependency bump to Qt 5.8. This has not
> announced or discussed on any community wide list, either prior or
> after the bump was made. As a consequence of this, a series of
> Extragear applications which previously could be built on FreeBSD can
> no longer be built.

Are the CI requirements for each platform documented somewhere? Where can we 
see which versions of which dependencies we can use on each platform?

> The second issue concerns maintenance of our internal metadata files,
> which define the dependencies between various bits of KDE software.
> These files are used by the CI system to provision dependencies, and
> kdesrc-build to sequence items to be built.
> Since the last release was branched the PIM developers have added a
> new dependency to kdepim-runtime. This change happened well over a
> week ago, and they have yet to update the metadata files accordingly.
> While this may seem minor, if someone is trying to build a single
> application and it's corresponding dependencies they'll run into
> problems because neither the CI system or kdesrc-build will know about
> this new dependency they've added.

My bad, I was convinced we were already building kdepim-runtime with libkgapi. 
I have corrected it now.
> The third issue concerns the practice of version management within
> PIM. Currently the master branch of PIM is broken because it appears
> that one or more repositories have been missed in the latest round of
> bumping.

All master versions are >= 5.6.40.

I see KBlog and Akregator build failed due missing Syndication dependency. 
Looks like the Syndication build was triggered after KBlog and Akregator, 
triggering a new build of those two should fix it.

Looks like I lost the rights to manually trigger builds on CI after the 
upgrade, so I can't fix it until we make a commit.


> Can the PIM developers please provide an explanation for these various
> breakages which they've made?
> Cheers,
> Ben

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