Conflicting po files: proposal (Re: KDE Applications 17.04.0 packages available for packagers)

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Wed Apr 19 22:18:53 UTC 2017

> Andreas Sturmlechner ha scritto:
>> Duplicate po-files are nothing new, I've been removing the following list from 
>> the '4' part all the time (and that's ignoring kde-runtime entirely):
>> kdelibs/akonadi_baloo_indexer.po
>> kdelibs/baloo_file_extractor.po
>> kdelibs/baloo_file.po
>> kdelibs/baloosearch.po
>> kdelibs/balooshow.po
>> kdelibs/baloowidgets.po
>> kdelibs/kcm_activities.po
>> kdelibs/kcm_baloofile.po
>> kdelibs/kfilemetadata.po
>> kdelibs/kio_baloosearch.po
>> kdelibs/kio_tags.po
>> kdelibs/kio_timeline.po
>> kdelibs/plasma_runner_baloosearchrunner.po

I checked all the files reported by Andreas. The files part of
kdelibs/baloo/kactivities conflicts with files in Applications, Plasma and

My question for the list is:

- can I rename them according the plan (which branches and names) in the table
below? And can I proceed with a similar schema for the conflicting files in
kde-runtime, when I get the list?

An ack for all 3 products would be nice, but I guess a general "sure" is fine.

== Applications
Renaming in: Applications/17.04 (and master)

- duplicate in: pim/akonadi-search
akonadi_baloo_indexer.po -> akonadi_indexer.po.

- duplicate in: applications/baloo-widgets
baloowidgets.po -> baloowidgets5.po

== Frameworks
Renaming in: master (so that it lands for 5.34)

- duplicates in: frameworks/baloo
baloo_file_extractor.po -> baloo_file_extractor5.po
baloo_file.po           -> baloo_file5.po
baloosearch.po          -> baloosearch5.po
balooshow.po            -> balooshow5.po
kio_baloosearch.po      -> kio5_baloosearch.po
kio_tags.po             -> kio5_tags.po
kio_timeline.po         -> kio5_timeline.po

- duplicate in: frameworks/kfilemetadata
kfilemetadata.po -> kfilemetadata5.po

== Plasma
Renaming in: master (before the branching of 5.10)

- duplicate in: workspace/plasma-desktop
kcm_baloofile.po -> kcm_baloofile5.po

- duplicate in: workspace/plasma-workspace
plasma_runner_baloosearchrunner.po -> plasma_runner_baloosearch.po

- kcm_activities.po is marked as duplicate, but is it still an issue?
workspace has kcm_activities5 since "Mon May 23 15:33:17 2016 +0100"
by Jonathan Riddell (Plasma >= 5.7)


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