KDE Applications 17.04.0 packages available for packagers

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Wed Apr 19 20:04:02 UTC 2017

Andreas Sturmlechner ha scritto:
> ---Original Message---
> On Wednesday, 19 April 2017 at 21:48, Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> Should we rename the new version? I wonder if it could be just
>> akonadi_indexer.po.
> Duplicate po-files are nothing new, I've been removing the following list from 
> the '4' part all the time (and that's ignoring kde-runtime entirely):
> kdelibs/akonadi_baloo_indexer.po
> kdelibs/baloo_file_extractor.po
> kdelibs/baloo_file.po
> kdelibs/baloosearch.po
> kdelibs/balooshow.po
> kdelibs/baloowidgets.po
> kdelibs/kcm_activities.po
> kdelibs/kcm_baloofile.po
> kdelibs/kfilemetadata.po
> kdelibs/kio_baloosearch.po
> kdelibs/kio_tags.po
> kdelibs/kio_timeline.po
> kdelibs/plasma_runner_baloosearchrunner.po
> When I reported it that wasn't a big deal.

I apologize if I gave the impression that it was not a big deal. Other files
have been fixed after your input.
In this specific case, it slipped and I apologize. Those are all files from
the baloo/kdelibs4, kfilemetadata/kdelibs4 and kactivities/kdelibs4.

Some of the duplication is in Applications, but some of the files are
inter-module. So for example kcm_baloofile is in Plasma, kio_timeline in
Frameworks and so on.

Ok, time to fix them.


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