Plasma 5.6 tars

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Mar 17 13:45:36 UTC 2016

Plasma 5.6 tars are up on depot for packagers

Release is due on Tuesday

For proofreading:

Packagers should note the new errata on Qt 5.6:

Freezes Using Qt 5.6

When using Qt 5.6 Plasma loads itself incompletely and with long
delays. Deadlocks occur in kded5. A potential patch fix is available
but it is unclear how successful this is

new is:
 grub theme breeze-grub
 plymouth theme breeze-plymouth
 kactivitiies changes with kactivitymanagerd
 split from framework-integration is plasma-integration
 and a preview of simplesystray an experimental systray replacement
 media center still in tech preview (but working looking likely for 5.7)

Happy packaging


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