Fwd: Could I make a tag for k3b kf5 branch?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Jul 15 23:29:55 UTC 2016

El divendres, 15 de juliol de 2016, a les 17:06:36 CEST, Leslie Zhai va 
> Hi Albert,
> sorry for my mistake for broking the dependency freeze of libkcddb!
>  > He asked about k3b, did he mention libkcddb at any other moment
> before merging?
> It is my fault! because k3b kf5 branch requires libkcddb kf5 branch, so
> I did not ask-before-do, merged kf5 branch for libkcddb too, it might
> required by other projects.
> sorry for my mistake again!

Don't worry we all do mistakes, the only people that don't do mistakes are 
those who do nothing.

Please try to respect freezes next time :)

Sorry if i was too harsh.


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