Should we make it easier and encourage bug reports to be send to distributions

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Tue Feb 9 19:12:24 UTC 2016


> What could we done to improve this?

I think the ideal way to do this, is to create a bug report at the distros 
bugtracker. This is way all distros want to get this kind of input and can 
handle it accordingly. Yes I know using others bugtracker is a pain in the 
ass, but maybe we can create a script to make this easy like hell.
For debian the whole bugtracking can be controlled by mail, so that should be 
easy. bugzilla has a api to controll it...

> * send a mail to release-team when we notice something like that?
should work but mails are often overseen and not the common way to report thse 
kind of things.

> * add a README.packagers?
this is read f it part of the tar ball, but normally the problems will be seen 
after the release, and changing the tarball is not a good practice, because 
all hashsums changes.



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