Should we make it easier and encourage bug reports to be send to distributions

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Mon Feb 8 09:46:51 UTC 2016

> * breeze-cursors are not/were not packaged correctly resulting in broken
> cursor images (this was a problem visible in almost all distributions)

Well because it was visible in almost all distros shows, that there is a lack 
of communication beween upsteam and distros and between the distros...

> * during the gcc5 transition an ABI incompatible package made it into
> testing resulting in KWin crashing on startup which in turn made the whole
> system unusable

Keep in mind testing is a complete automatic transistion. In debian we as 
packagers put stuff in unstable and afterwards it migrates to testing 
automaticaly ( if no release critical bug (RC) is found). With kf5/gcc5 
transistion we saw many problems with testing. Because within unstable 
everything works (everything was compiled with gcc5 etc.) But than some 
packages had RC bugs,so they were not moving to testing. So testing ended in a 
very bad state where someparts of kf5 were moved to testing without waiting 
for the rest, because from the compilation they are independ parts. So we had 
to learn how to tangle packages together, so that we don't end up in the same 

> * KWindowSystem shipped without the X11 backend causing in the Desktop not
> being a Desktop any more.
> (In the case of Debian it's double sad because it was already fixed in 
Kubuntu at the time it was introduced in Debian).

I hope we improved there too and now pull together.



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