[kdepim-runtime/Applications/16.12] resources/shared/singlefileresource: Fix DATA LOSS bug in ical resource which failed to create std.ics if it didn't exist.

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Dec 23 18:26:29 UTC 2016

So i guess we're in agreement that we need a new tarball? Or can we just tell 
distro packagers to patch it?

My issue with a new tarball is that i will need to call it (since i 
don't want to do 16.12.1 with just kderuntime-changes) and then distros are 
going to complain since it has one extra version, and since it's not a whole 
new release we again basically depend on distros picking up the new tarball.

So may as well just ask them to patch it in?


El dimarts, 20 de desembre de 2016, a les 21:24:16 CET, David Faure va 
> On mardi 20 décembre 2016 10:29:03 CET Sandro Knauß wrote:
> > Hey,
> > 
> > mmh the description of your problem does not match with the commit you
> > have
> > pushed, or do i miss anything.
> The latter, I think ;)
> > Your patch is "only doing:
> > QUrl(mSettings->path()) -> QUrl::fromUserInput(mSettings->path());
> > right?
> Right.
> > that means that we still have the problem with schema prefix in the url?
> No, fromUserInput supports both absolute paths and URLs, see API docs.
> > And than mCurrentUrl.isLocalFile() is not true and you'll do not enter
> > that
> > codepath?
> isLocalFile() will be true for local files and false for remote URLs, I
> don't see a problem here.
> > Just a little bit curious, why this is only a problem for a new user?
> Well, anyone without a ~/.local/share/apps/korganizer/ subdir,
> which certainly includes new users.
> > On the other side I do not understand why the default local is import to
> > trigger this bug.
> Parse error at "default local is import". Can you rephrase?
> > Btw. if the default location for korganzier has changed, than please
> > update
> > the defaultcalendar.desktop path.
> And break "Personal Calendar" for all users who copy their home dir (but not
> their akonadi setup) to another computer? Seems too dangerous to me, for
> zero gain. The korganizer in the path is historical anyhow, korganizer no
> longer accesses std.ics directly, ever since akonadi 1 came into play.

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