Dropping the svn kio from kdesdk-kioslaves

Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Fri Dec 16 10:32:21 UTC 2016

On Friday, 16 December 2016 06:31:46 CET Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> Am 15.12.2016 um 23:12 schrieb Kevin Funk:
> > On Thursday, 15 December 2016 22:14:38 CET Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >> Why?
> >> 
> >>   * It doesn't compile with newer libsvn
> >>   * It's kdelibs4-based
> > 
> > Heya,
> > 
> > I know a few people that use kdesvn, how's the relation to that?
> > 
> > I saw that Christian (CC'ed) put quite some effort in porting kdesvn over
> > to a KF5-based kdelibs4support-free code base. If I understand correctly
> > kdesvn.git even contains a copy of the KIO SVN implementation (c.f.
> > kdesvn.git:src/ kiosvn)?
> > 
> > Please elaborate :)
> You're correct - kdesvn contains a kioslave for svn and I ported it to
> KF5 (just released kdesvn 2.0.0 some days ago). I don't know if
> kdesdk-kioslaves has more functionality but from my point of view it can
> be dropped.

If the SVN kioslave is standalone, wouldn't it make more sense to actually 
keep it in a separate repository/package? So users who just want the Dolphin 
integration can just use that?

Wouldn't it make more sense to move your kioslave implementation into kdesdk-
kioslaves, replacing the older copy?

I'm not sure whether Albert just wants to kill the repository or he's just 
phasing old unmaintained software. In case of the latter, updating the copy 
with the better maintained version probably makes more sense.


> Cheers,
> Christian

Kevin Funk | kfunk at kde.org | http://kfunk.org
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