Release-impacting changes for 16.08 of KDEPIM

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun Apr 3 22:14:15 UTC 2016

Sandro KnauƟ ha scritto:
> Hey,
> maybe you can help to make it a smoother 16.08 release for KDEPIM than for 
> 16.04. We now had our PIM Sprint in Toulouse and discussed things that will be 
> done till 16.08 release and have impact for release.
> * kdepimlibs is going to be split and been removed afterwards (split to 
> akonadi-calendar, akonadi-notes, akonadi-mail, kioslaves will move into 
> kdepim-runtime) - montel is doing the work
> -> release team (application) need to be informed about the new repos
> -> distributions wants also a notice 

Partially unrelated, but can you please share the plan about how translations
and documentation is going to be moved? Albert, Burkhard and me already
noticed and fixed few translations removed and others (coming from
documentation) moved around. If we can organize the moves, it would be better
(at least for me).


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