How do we release dependent libraries for digiKam-5.0.0-beta1?

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Thu Sep 24 14:49:56 UTC 2015

2015-09-24 2:18 GMT+03:00 Albert Astals Cid <aacid at>:
> El Dijous, 24 de setembre de 2015, a les 01:28:14, Alexander Potashev va
> escriure:
>> Hi everyone,
>> (Luigi pushed me a lot so I finally start this discussion ;))
>> digiKam-5.0.0-beta1 is planned for October 18th, so we need to release
>> its dependencies (KF5-based versions of libraries) at least as
>> alpha/beta versions before that date:
>>     1. libkipi (currently in KDE Applications)
>>     2. libkface (currently in KDE Applications)
>>     3. libkexiv2 (currently in KDE Applications)
>>     4. libkdcraw (currently in KDE Applications)
>>     5. libksane (currently in KDE Applications)
>>     6. libkvkontakte (currently in extragear-libs)
>>     7. libmediawiki (currently in extragear-libs)
>> As listed above, many of these dependent libraries are currently part
>> of KDE Applications, for example in KDE Applications 15.08.x we have
>> kdelibs4-based editions of all 5 relevant libraries from the above
>> list.
> Important question, are the KF5-versions of those libraries co-installable
> with the kdelibs4-versions?
>> I see two ways of releasing the 7 libraries mentioned above:
>>  Plan 1: Keep the first 5 ones in KDE Applications and make an alpha
>> release of KDE Applications 15.12.x before October 18th.
> I don't think that is on the plan for us, the KDE Applications 15.12 schedule
> starts much later
>> libkvkontakte
>> and libmediawiki should also be released before that date, but they
>> are not tied to KDE Applications release schedule. (Btw, is it OK if
>> digikam-beta depends on kde-apps-alpha?)
>>  Plan 2: Move all these 7 libraries (their KF5-based versions) into
>> extragear-libs and release them.
> If the libraries are co-installable with their kdelibs4 counterparts and if
> digikam 5.0 final is planned to happen after we release KDE Applications 15.12
> I guess you could release an "unofficial tarball" of those libraries clearly
> marked with a a weird number like 15.11.55 or something, with the
> understanding that you'll stop releasing those applications after the KDE
> Applications 15.12 release (assuming we decide to migrate those libs to KF5-
> based, which i guess makes sense).

Hi Albert, Jeremy,

libkipi and libkdcraw are not co-installable because icons are
installed in the same place as in their kdelibs4 versions

Here is how these libraries are used by KDE Applications:
    libkipi: gwenview, spectacle, ksnapshot (kdelibs4)
    libkface: <none>
    libkexiv2: okular, kdegraphics-thumbnailers (kdelibs4)
    libkdcraw: gwenview, kdegraphics-thumbnailers (kdelibs4)
    libksane: ksaneplugin (kdelibs4)

There is little left to do until we can drop libkipi/kdelibs4 and
libkdcraw/kdelibs4 from KDE Applications 15.12:
 - Move KSnapshot to extragear,
 - Have kdegraphics-thumbnailers ported to KF5 in KDE Applications 15.12.

Alexander Potashev

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