Release Dates for August

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Mar 30 15:32:32 UTC 2015

Plasma 5.4 release schedule needs writing and keeping to our 3 months
would release in July.  That puts the release during Akademy so it
needs shifting.

Baloo wants to move from Plasma to Frameworks.  At the same time it
will get a shiny new database which makes it incompatible with baloo
for kdelibs4 so Dolphin will stop working until the Qt 5 version of
Dolphin comes out.

So here's a proposal to move Plasma to August when Applications is
presumably due to release.  Aligning the schedules will allow the
move/incompatible nature of the Baloo changes to be all done together.

See dates with question mark on August on this calendar.



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