[Kde-pim] What's up with kdepim*?

laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Mon Jul 20 13:41:16 UTC 2015

Le Monday 20 July 2015, 07:26:23 Jeremy Whiting a écrit :
> Laurent,
> The problem isn't that pim wants to be released again, the problem is
> pim people (maybe you, I can't recall) asked for it to not get
> released from master until further notice. Then no notice was given.
> Notice 3 days after dependency freeze isn't a good idea, causes more
> rush and stress on our release team. At any rate if pim depends on
> parts of akonadi which are in frameworks that haven't been released,
> then we can't release pim until after the first frameworks release
> that has what's depended on (or we could put the missing dependency in
> the applications release, but that's a bad idea as when would it then
> get moved to frameworks release cyle?)

We don't want to release it with unrelease akonadi/akonadi-search as Dan 
proposed to release it today

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