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Wed Jul 1 23:39:58 UTC 2015

2015-07-02 2:10 GMT+03:00 Albert Astals Cid <aacid at>:
> El Dimarts, 30 de juny de 2015, a les 16:45:18, Alexander Potashev va
> escriure:
>> Same question for kross-interpreters. Its Qt5/KF5 version hasn't been
>> released yet and it should probably go through a review process, but
>> it's still unclear if it fits KDE Applications. KDE SC 4.x contained
>> kross-interpreters, but I'm not sure if this was the best decision.
> Is there anything in Plasma or KF5 that needs kross-interpreters? (I guess not
> since otherwise it'd be failing now) If not we can just release it with KDE
> Applications. If there is potentially a reason for Plasma to use it, i'd say
> move the release to KF5, since really what do you need kross for if you kross
> for if you don't have any interpreter to do stuff?


OK, adding kross-interpreters into KA5 would work. I was just thinking
it doesn't really belong to "KDE Applications": any
application/product using Kross may benefit from kross-interpreters.

kross-interpreters is only a run-time dependency, that's why nobody
noticed it was missing (except for may be people who use Lokalize KF5
and expect Python scripts to work.) Even if Plasma starts using Kross,
this doesn't imply that kross-interprers should be released with

>> Can we release kio-extras and kross-interpreters separately from KA5 and
>> KP5?
> The more releases the more complex stuff gets, let's try not to.

Okay, not this time ;)

Alexander Potashev

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