Extra patch for KConfig 5.7 release

Matthew Dawson matthew at mjdsystems.ca
Sat Feb 14 13:48:11 UTC 2015

On February 14, 2015 11:16:42 AM David Faure wrote:
> This is rather a behavior-incompatible change (and another one to revert).
> So, to avoid the packagers killing me for updating 5.7 two days *after* the
> supposed public release day (*), I would rather make a 5.7.1 kconfig release
> with this commit in.
> In practice users will only get a few days (at most) with 5.7.0 and broken
> kconf_update behaviour - a runtime bug, it happens.
> (*) I forgot to make the tarballs public so I was about to do so right now,
> but they surely made their packages public already.
Ok, sounds good.  I didn't see the tarballs/tags, so I wasn't sure if the 
release had happened already.  I'll try to be better about such things in the 

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