kopete and kdepimlibs in apps 15.08

Pali Rohár pali.rohar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 08:33:56 UTC 2015


CCing R.Harish Navnit, GSoC student who porting kopete to KF5.

On Tuesday 18 August 2015 09:53:44 Harald Sitter wrote:
> Hellos,
> So, I just noticed that kopete has:
> > CMakeLists.txt:find_package(KdepimLibs REQUIRED)
> we do however not have a kdepimlibs (qt4) in Applications 15.08 so
> that requirement cannot really be met anymore.
> What's worse: kdepimlibs (qt4) in fact has file overlap with
> kdepimlibs (qt5); namely at least:
> - usr/share/mime/packages/x-vnd.akonadi.socialfeeditem.xml
> - usr/share/mime/packages/kdepimlibs-mime.xml
> so they are not co-installable without tweaking by every distro first.

I think this should be fixed. It is possible to rename files in one of
those two packages? Prefer qt5 versions for rename.

> Now looking at the source kdepimlibs is used for two things in kopete:
> 1) kpimidentities is used in the bonjour protocol as a fallback to
> kuser to obtain the users's name and email address for account default
> values (this is required, although I am not sure it should be)

Bonjour protocol (local XMPP) needs some user name and optionally also
email address. These details are used for identifying user on local
network. And user can use any information here.

So if kdepimlibs is problem here, you can add #ifdef patch which makes
kdepimlibs optional. kdepimlibs is used only for initial pre-configured
settings so user can use some defaults.

And it allows to compile bonjour protocol also without kdepimlibs.

> 2) gpgmepp is used by the crypto plugin for crypto things (this is
> optional, although I am not sure it should be :P)

With crypto plugins there are some problems. And because of that part of
this year GSoC another student is rewriting this plugin from scratch.
New version will use qca library (and not gpgme), so here should not be
problem. Library qca (and its plugin qca-gnupg) has both versions qt4
and qt5.

All plugins are optional and can be enabled/disabled at compile time. If
there are some missing dependences then cmake just disable compilation
of that plugin.

So for now I'm fine with solution that crypto plugin will be
automatically disabled at compile by cmake.

> Given that we have no kde4pimlibs source what is the intended solution
> to this? Cripple kopete and make bonjour optional using a patch, if so
> why not do that in the repo directly? Or perhaps have every distro
> figure out which parts of the old kdepimlibs are now defunct with
> akonadi moved to kf5 and package the rest for compat?
> (CC'd Pali and Dan; not sure they are subbed)
> HS

I think I'm not subscribed.

Pali Rohár
pali.rohar at gmail.com

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