KDE Applications 15.08 RC is out

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Aug 8 15:13:46 UTC 2015

El Divendres, 7 d'agost de 2015, a les 15:47:56, Raymond Wooninck va escriure:
> On Thursday 06 August 2015 22:21:52 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > I failed to use the proper CC when publishing it in kde.org this
> > afternoon.
> > 
> > Any feedback? Is anyone actually compiling this or the Beta packages?
> Hi Albert,
> I have compiled KDE Applications 15.08 RC for openSUSE and have the
> following failures:
> 1)	libkgeomap will no longer compile as that it requires the Qt4/KDE4
> version of Marble, but Marble is now Qt5/KF5 based.

Yes, this is the unfortunate consequence on of how badly libkgeomap and marble 
developers have coordinated (most probably they have not coordinated at all).

On top of that the kdeedu and kdegraphics release team members either don't 
exist or didn't do their coordination job either.

And i saw the issue while looking at the build.kde.org dashboard but i decided 
that I'm too tired to fight this battle, please accept my apologies.

This is something we can't obviously fix at this stage so i guess the options 
you have as a distribution are:
 * See if you can ship the two marbles
 * Don't ship the new marble
 * Don't ship libkgeomap


> 2)	kde-l10n translations are failing to compile. So far I found two errors:
>     - The CMakeLists.txt file is missing in data/kdeedu/kstars (KF5
> translations) for the language keys nds and fr.
>     - And marble_qt translation for the gl language key seems to contain an
> error as that it fails with  Unexpected PO header format 'com>'
> All other packages are build without issues.
> Regards
> Raymond
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