KDE Applications 15.08 RC is out

Raymond Wooninck tittiatcoke at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 13:47:56 UTC 2015

On Thursday 06 August 2015 22:21:52 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> I failed to use the proper CC when publishing it in kde.org this afternoon.
> Any feedback? Is anyone actually compiling this or the Beta packages?
Hi Albert,

I have compiled KDE Applications 15.08 RC for openSUSE and have the following 

1)	libkgeomap will no longer compile as that it requires the Qt4/KDE4 version 
of Marble, but Marble is now Qt5/KF5 based. 

2)	kde-l10n translations are failing to compile. So far I found two errors:
    - The CMakeLists.txt file is missing in data/kdeedu/kstars (KF5 
translations) for the language keys nds and fr. 
    - And marble_qt translation for the gl language key seems to contain an 
error as that it fails with  Unexpected PO header format 'com>'

All other packages are build without issues.



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