The name of Applications 4.14 + 1

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Wed Jul 16 23:45:21 UTC 2014


I have to admit when I first heard KDE Applications 14.12 it sounded
strange to me. It is very similar on glance to 4.12. But the more I
thought about it the more it grew on me, so I say +1 to the name.


On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 5:19 PM, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at> wrote:
> Hi all, please let's keep future discussion in kde-promo since i think this is
> more a promo related thing than anything.
> A while ago we decided that 4.14 will be the last KDE 4 Applications release
> and that after that we would switch (at least for a while) to application
> releases where applications are either kdelibs4 based or KF5 based (on a
> tarball/repository level).
> Now we need a name for that thing.
>  * We can't call it 4.15 since the 4.x in there for everybody means based in
> kdelibs4.x
>  * We can't call it 5.x since the 5.x in there will make people think all apps
> are KF5.x based
>  * My suggestion is call it "KDE Applications $YEAR.$MONTH", i.e. if we keep
> with the 4 month schedule next release would be "KDE Applications 14.12" and
> next-next "KDE Applications 15.04". It has a small problem if we slip the
> release from one month to another the name changes, but we just have to plan
> all the releases early in the release month so that even if it slips it still
> falls inside the month.
>  * Another possibility would be "KDE Applications 1", that doesn't have the
> problem with the sliping release, but I have to say that I would feel quite
> weird calling our next applications release "KDE Applications 1" :D
> Anyone has another suggestion?
> Do we go with "KDE Applications $YEAR.$MONTH"?
> Cheers,
>   Albert
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