The name of Applications 4.14 + 1

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Jul 16 23:19:45 UTC 2014

Hi all, please let's keep future discussion in kde-promo since i think this is 
more a promo related thing than anything.

A while ago we decided that 4.14 will be the last KDE 4 Applications release 
and that after that we would switch (at least for a while) to application 
releases where applications are either kdelibs4 based or KF5 based (on a 
tarball/repository level).

Now we need a name for that thing.

 * We can't call it 4.15 since the 4.x in there for everybody means based in 

 * We can't call it 5.x since the 5.x in there will make people think all apps 
are KF5.x based

 * My suggestion is call it "KDE Applications $YEAR.$MONTH", i.e. if we keep 
with the 4 month schedule next release would be "KDE Applications 14.12" and 
next-next "KDE Applications 15.04". It has a small problem if we slip the 
release from one month to another the name changes, but we just have to plan 
all the releases early in the release month so that even if it slips it still 
falls inside the month.

 * Another possibility would be "KDE Applications 1", that doesn't have the 
problem with the sliping release, but I have to say that I would feel quite 
weird calling our next applications release "KDE Applications 1" :D

Anyone has another suggestion?

Do we go with "KDE Applications $YEAR.$MONTH"?


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