Questions about KDE 4.14 and later + branches

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Tue Jul 15 06:52:10 UTC 2014

Hi ;=)

> > perhaps I am only a little confused, but I am not sure how
> > Kate (kate.git) should progress now in respect of "what is KDELIBS 4.x
> > base"
> > and "what is KF 5.x" based.
> > 
> > At the moment, all branches beside "frameworks" in kate.git are targeted to
> > kdelibs 4.x. That means, Kate for 4.14 will still be a kdelibs 4.x
> > application (same for KWrite).
> That is a given yes, that's why it's called 4.14 ;)
> > For later, I would like to switch that over (and main development) to KF
> > 5.x
> > (which has already a nice and working ktexteditor KatePart port).
> > 
> > What would be the "normal" transition planned for that?
> As announced next release after 4.14 we will release apps based on kdelibs4
> or
> KF5 at the repo level as decided by the maintainer. So now seems like a good
> time to change (bearing all the scripts we have that may or may not support
> that)
I will propose that on kwrite-devel then (or better announce), that Kate will switch
over to KF5 for post 4.14.

As ktexteditor KF5 is in "ok" shape, that will make sense.

> > Leaving KDE/4.14 the last kdelibs 4.x based branch and just killing
> > "master"
> > and switching it over to what is now in "frameworks"?
> That sounds wrong. I'd just merge frameworks to master and kill frameworks.
Ok ;)


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