Questions about KDE 4.14 and later + branches

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Mon Jul 14 19:03:57 UTC 2014


perhaps I am only a little confused, but I am not sure how
Kate (kate.git) should progress now in respect of "what is KDELIBS 4.x base"
and "what is KF 5.x" based.

At the moment, all branches beside "frameworks" in kate.git are targeted to kdelibs 4.x.
That means, Kate for 4.14 will still be a kdelibs 4.x application (same for KWrite).

For later, I would like to switch that over (and main development) to KF 5.x (which has
already a nice and working ktexteditor KatePart port).

What would be the "normal" transition planned for that?

Leaving KDE/4.14 the last kdelibs 4.x based branch and just killing "master" and switching it over
to what is now in "frameworks"?


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