ECM version changed (Re: KDE Frameworks 5 TP1 tarballs)

Valentin Rusu kde at
Mon Jan 20 22:39:32 UTC 2014

On Monday, January 20, 2014 01:44:37 AM šumski wrote:
> On Saturday 11 of January 2014 11:15:47 Michael Palimaka wrote:
> ...
> > Any news on renaming the remaining binaries?
> Just to follow up on this - Jonathan has meanwhile been quite busy =)
> Attica is now adjusted so it can co-exist with Qt4 version, and we have 3
> binaries left, which all have opened reviews for a rename.
> However, since the TP1, we have one new - kwalletd (and libkwalletbackend
> library).

Please be advised I just updated KWallet Framework to use 5-suffixes, so 
kwalletd became kwalletd5, libkwalletbackend became libkwalletbackend5. I also 
adjusted dbus names accordingly.

Valentin Rusu
irc: valir
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