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Àlex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Wed Apr 30 10:33:06 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 30 April 2014 12:20:51 Luca Beltrame wrote:
> Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Hello Martin,
> > Actually I think there is nothing wrong with having something like an
> > "LTS" release which is maintained by the distros. I recently read that
> This is going to be difficult, to be honest. I can't speak for other distros
> but in openSUSE *all* the KDE packaging work is 100% volounteer-driven from
> the community. And there aren't enough of us to handle this properly.
> I'm guessing that distros with smaller teams would also be negatively
> impacted.

Just to make sure that we are on the same page, how many people do you think 
that are in charge of the entire Plasma for example? You can possibly count 
them with the fingers of your hand.

As for Frameworks, we have ~20 maintainers for ~60 frameworks, and most of 
them are not paid to work on it either.

We are all on the same situation and we have to make the best of it. We 
believe that e can do best if we focus on master and make sure master rocks, 
it has no regressions etc.
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