PIM is not good. Would adding an extra RC help?

Raymond Wooninck tittiatcoke at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 18:42:42 UTC 2014

On Saturday 06 of April 2014 13:98:3 Daniel Vrátil wrote:

>Please run Akonadi from latest .12 branch. If the problem is gone, there's no 
>need to delay any release. If you still have the problem, I'm 99% sure it's a 
>problem in Akonadi server and can be fixed in couple days before I do 1.12.1 
>release which we need to anyway in order to ship top-notch KDE PIM experience 
>in 4.13.  If everything is fine on your side, I'll do 1.12.1 on Monday.

Hi Dan,

Based on your indications one member of the openSUSE KDE community team (the 
one that initially found the issue) upgraded to the latest 1.12 branch 

Initially things seemed to work a lot better, but after the initial sync, the 
akonadi_baloo_indexer kicked off again with the high I/O. So it seems that 
akonadi 1.12.1 will not resolve this issue.  Strangely enough I know 6 users 
that are working fine with 4.13 and do not have any issue and so far with 
openSUSE only 1 person complained about it (which is one of our own team 

It could be of course that we need a higher version of Baloo than RC1 shipped, 
but at this moment I only updated akonadi.  We can discuss it further online 
in case you need details. 


openSUSE KDE Community team

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