Soft feature freeze exception for DrKonqi

Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at
Thu May 30 10:39:45 UTC 2013

Hi Jekyll et al., 

(cc'ing packagers too)

> That DrKonqi feature is preventing users creating reports against
> disabled versions as early as possible in the reporting process. That is
> a quite necessary change IMO to deal with the usability problem caused
> by bugzilla's recent nice behavior of rejecting any attempt against
> disabled versions.
> See for more background
> information , and for the
> proposed patch.

Reality check... people do use outdated versions. Especially since there are 
things like distributions around. (And I'm talking more about those that do 
proper stable releases every few years than about Gentoo.)

Are the crash reports at least matched against fixed bugs? (I.e. "This 
backtrace is a duplicate of ... and the report has been closed as fixed in  a 
newer version of KDE?")

Is there some functionality around to re-direct the report to another 
bugtracker (optionally only if it is not matched)?

(This all of course depends on how you handle which versions are disabled in 


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