Exception for Nepomuk Ebook Indexers

Mario Fux KDE ML kde-ml at unormal.org
Thu Jun 20 14:02:07 UTC 2013

Am Donnerstag 20 Juni 2013, 14.51:38 schrieb Vishesh Handa:
> Hey guys


> I wanted Nepomuk to have some ebook indexers for this release, but I
> never got around to implementing them. I was hoping someone else would
> implement them, since they are so simple, but that never happened.
> Anyway, I spent some time today and implemented both epub and mobi
> analyzers. The epub analyzer uses the libepub library, and for the
> mobipocket analyzers I've just copied the code from
> kdegraphics-mobipocket.

I'm not so happy about this part "copied the code". Is it not possible to just 
use it without duplicating the code?

> I'd like to get these into 4.11.
> They introduce an optional dependency of libepub.
> The code is completely isolated. These are plugins which are run in a
> separate process, and even in the worst case if the code is horrible
> (which it isn't) and crashes, the user will face no problems. It will
> just be as though these indexers do not exist.


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