Review request: KDE 4.11 showstopper: KMix lockup for 20 seconds, and a concept for fixing it (reviewboard)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue Jul 23 18:12:35 UTC 2013

El Dimarts, 23 de juliol de 2013, a les 16:56:58, Aaron J. Seigo va escriure:
> On Tuesday, July 23, 2013 16:21:38 Harald Sitter wrote:
> > >> in KDE4.10 KMix officially got MPRIS2 support. All looked fine in the
> > >> beginning, but soon there were complaints about lockups with Clementine
> > >> or
> > >> other Media players, especially during logging in. Several solutions
> FWIW, current kmix in master works so much better than what is in the
> KDE/4.11 branch it is not even funny. Great work on getting it to this
> point .. and I fully support Herald’s request (though it is obviously not
> up to me to grant any exceptions here)
> It is far too trivial to have the KMix UI freeze or stutter (up-and-down,up-
> and-down...) though the version in master appears to have addressed all
> these issues and it is super smooth for me now on a machine on which I
> could trigger these issues practically at will.
> Herald is correct, imho, that this is the kind of bug that really hurts our
> reputation if left in.

If it is so much better, well yes then, let's get it in, no point in shipping 
something we know is broken.


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