Review request: KDE 4.11 showstopper: KMix lockup for 20 seconds, and a concept for fixing it (reviewboard)

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Jul 23 14:21:38 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Christian Esken <esken at> wrote:
> Am 11.07.2013 00:35, schrieb Christian Esken:
>> Hello,
>> in KDE4.10 KMix officially got MPRIS2 support. All looked fine in the
>> beginning, but soon there were complaints about lockups with Clementine or
>> other Media players, especially during logging in. Several solutions failed.
>> So I tried to draft a new solution - see the attachment in
>> . If somebody could comment on
>> that it would be highly appreciated.
>> Impact: I myself am not directly affected. But for those who are affected
>> the problem is highly annoying - nobody wants to have a login delay of 20
>> seconds and then also a only half working Mixer or Media player. This is
>> very close to being a showstopper: extremely annoying, and that can be the
>> first impression on KDE you get.
>> Bug report:
> I think I now have a pretty stable solution. Alas - it is in trunk, because
> I accidentally missed the "branching" mail. I put up a review request on
>, but as one could expect it is
> quite massive, even with whitespace changes hidden.
> I am convinced trunk is dramatically better than what I left in KDE 4.11, so
> I would really like to "copy" KMix trunk to KDE 4.11. If some strongly
> opposes (too big, too late, too whatever),  I could postpone that to
> KDE4.11.1 but then again I would need to do the copy. If it is OK, I would
> also require help with the actual git commands (checkout, merge, rebase,
> ...). I really don't want to kill the repo directly before a release. :)

Adding the release team, as I think we are already in tagging freeze
so they'll have to sanction this right now as well.

PSA: looking at it in git on a per-commit basis makes things easier to
read, in case someone finds it hard to evaluate the review request.

As I see it if we fiddle the changes into rc2 no harm was done.
Branching happened the same day as rc1 tagging freeze (July 9), so
merging master in time for rc2 (tomorrow) would prevent loss in
testing. The changes certainly seem worthwhile having in 4.11 so I am
all for immediate merging.

>From where I am standing this is really more of a "I did not push in
time for tagging freeze" problem and considering the amount of changes
I would very much like to have this tested through rc2 instead of
pushing kind of untested code into final or even a patch release. So,
I would like to request a tagging freeze exception for the delta
between master and KDE/4.11. There were no intermediate changes in the
branch making this a straight forward git merge master.


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