Better testing of tagged tars

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Feb 12 20:17:47 UTC 2013

On Tuesday 12 February 2013 14:37:22 Anke Boersma wrote:
>  any bugs found in the early tars (not build related) should
> be kept quiet, until the tars are officially announced.  It is better to
> have final tars that have bugs that were known for a few days, than
> reporting.
What kind of bugs are you expecting to find:
1) Regressions from the last RC -> escalate
2) Bugs already present in the RC and reported
3) Bugs already present in the RC and not reported

>From experience of our users and their usage with bugzilla. 90 % is category 2 
(that obviously includes experienced users). Given that we release with known 
bugs (bug free software is impossible) it hardly matters whether there are a 
few more or less and it wouldn't change anything because we are post final 
tagging (except it's a showstopper -> escalate).

That said: I keep to what I wrote. For me as a heavy bugzilla user (just look 
at commit-digest) getting bug reports for an unreleased version would cause 
more work and confusion. My first comment would be "this version is not yet 
released, where do you have it from? Are you sure you are running exactly that 
version?" - if I don't know the user and that he is an experienced Chakra user 
having access to pre-released packages, I have to assume he entered junk which 
happens more often than you would expect.

For everything else of your mail: sorry, I'm not qualified to answer/comment 
on that :-)
Martin Gräßlin
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