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Mon Feb 4 20:03:48 UTC 2013

El Dijous, 31 de gener de 2013, a les 22:42:20, Andrea Scarpino va escriure:
> LS
> Since there is not a clear answer yet, and both the undersigned Distro's
> feel a better way of testing the tagged tars is needed during the 4-5 days
> before they are officially released, we'd like to make a proposal on behalf
> of the Linux distributions Arch Linux and the Chakra-Project.
> Consistently we are the first to warn and report about bugs in just
> released tars, but neither distro has a good way of building these
> packages, store them safely on their servers, and keep them completely
> hidden from the public.  Big question truly is why they should be hidden.
> Both these distro's do not make it possible for the regular user to find
> these packages.  The repo's where they are placed are not on any official
> repo list made available to any regular user installing these distro's,
> only those with inside info how to edit the needed files, will be able to
> find these packages.
> We also know there is a fear bug reports for non-released KDE version will
> surface, but we both educate our testers to report any issues found
> internally, and if it is clear it is not a distro specific bug, not testers
> but a distro developer will convey the found bug/issue to the appropriate
> channel.
> We, as Arch Linux and Chakra-Project developers would like to propose now
> to follow the recommendation set by Dirk Mueller in the last long ml thread
> regarding this issue

Can you provide an easier way to find Dirk's mail, like a webarchive mail or 
at least an approximate date of the email and the subject?

> , and have the build packages from the tagged tars
> available to our testers during the time period between tagging and release.

Avaliable is a very broad word. Please define exactly what you want to do.


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