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Àlex Fiestas afiestas at
Fri Apr 26 23:40:13 UTC 2013

Imho this is a good strategy for the 1%, for those applications that need
heavy re-factoring in order to work or make proper use of Qt5 (Plasma and
KWin), however I'm still not convinced that this is a good strategy for the
other 99%.

We could apply the same argument we can use for applications to most of
kde-workspace and kde-runtime, their port to Qt5 will be mostly execute a
script and use KDE4support.

Besides that, there are a few areas where we'll see development possibly
beyond 4.11 like powerdevil, nepomuk, and some kcm's. Holding these changes
until PW2 could result in a series of bad side effects like loosing
manpower, or KDE 4.0 effect (lot of untested changes).

I'd like to propose one of these two options:
-We split Plasma and KWin in separate repos, we freeze them.
-We freeze kde-workspace/runtime and if you want to develop anything you
have to split it.

This proposal is based on a discussion we had in plasma-devel where most
developers there (iirc was consensus) agreed that in the future
kde-workspace should be a meta-repository (like extragear/base) containing
all the repos needed to have a workspace, for example current repos like
bluedevil, plasma-nm or print-manager should be included.

This will make the transition to a more splited kde-workspace something
gradual, done step by step and organically, no stress for developers, no
stress for packagers, maybe bit more work for release team though.

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