Request for getting StackFolder into 4.10

Ural Mullabaev ural.mullabaev at
Thu Nov 15 09:42:18 UTC 2012

Hi Nicolas,

> Why not try to merge stackfolder with folderview ? I think this would
> be a
> good choice ( less duplicate code as iirc there is ). And why not a
> config
> option to use folderview or stackfolder.
There are many differences between StackFolder and FolderView. 
After forking StackFolder was rewritten in QML and was reworked to PopupApplet. 
May be in the future when FolderView will do the same we can merge projects back.

> for stackfolder you haven't answered to some usuability issues i
> found, and
I'm sorry, Nicolas, I was going to do it.
> that make stackfolder not really userfriendly, i think this must be
> fixed
> before for ex, you can't right click on this plasmoid, so you can't
> choose
> with which app to open the file. 
StackFolder was specially simplified and some functionality was removed.
> The plasmoid size change in function
> of the
> number of the files in the folder, for me this is a big usuability
> issue.
As I have already suggested we can implement changing folders without popup window resizing. I think we can do it later.

Ural Mullabaev

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