Request for adding new plugin for Dolphin

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Nov 5 19:00:01 UTC 2012

El Diumenge, 4 de novembre de 2012, a les 19:05:57, Martin Andersen va 
> Hi,

> I have made a Perforce version control plugin for Dolphin [1].
> I know that we are in soft feature freeze. Will it be possible to include
> this plugin in KDE 4.10? This request is supported by Frank Reininghaus.

What's the intended destination (as in repo)?

What's the impact if the code was horribly wrong and crashy? Would it crash 
dolphin all the time? Or just when perforce was used? Or when you entered a 
folder that is a perforce checkout?


> BR,
> Martin
> [1]

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