[HEADS-UP] libkgoogle renaming to libKGAPI

Dan Vratil dan at progdan.cz
Wed May 30 22:15:04 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 30 of May 2012 08:49:57 Allen Winter wrote:
> Howdy,
> Just read on kde-core-devel that Dan will be renaming his libkgoogle library
> to libKGAPI
> The code for this library will be available in KDE's Git repo.  The repo is
> already there as libkgoogle but I don't know if Dan will also change the
> name of the repo.
> The rename will affect kdepim-runtime 4.9 so I assume you'll need to package
> a libKGAPI if you want your users to have access to Google resources from
> kdepim applications.
> More details as they become available.


I have release LibKGAPI 0.4.0 as a successor of LibKGoogle 0.3.2.

Announcement: http://www.progdan.cz/2012/05/libkgoogle-libkgapi/

Tarballs should be available soon on ftp.kde.org.

There is a stable branch LibKGAPI/0.4 in the git too. The git repository is 
still called libkgoogle as I hope to move it to extragear (or somewhere else, 
definitely out of kdereview before 4.9), so there's no point in renaming the 
repo now and adding more to already so confusing situation :).

Review request for kdepim-runtime to depend and build against LibKGAPI 0.4.0 
has already been submitted for review [0]. I will not commit the patch until 
the tarballs are available publicly on ftp.kde.org.

Just let me know if there were any problems.



[0] http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/105109/

> -Allen
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