Calling off Beta1

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed May 30 08:21:39 UTC 2012

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> Since we don't have a soprano release we can depend off I'm
> officially
> cancelling the tarballs of Beta1 since it makes no sense to release
> something
> that can't be compiled.
> If the soprano people make a release I'll re-create the packages and
> we'll
> speak for dates for a new release.

Soprano is already released (thanks Sebas) so I think we can just 
continue + bindings tarballs respins.

That's just the reason for that one week before official announcement
to settle these things done. It helps us create a new packages (as
nepomuk-core) by the beta announcement, create consumable packages for
brave testers and users etc. So I really don't think this is the reason
to postpone beta - for these issues the kde-packager list exists and
I'm really proud it worked quite well - even I was never happy how some
stuff is dealt with and I'm glad someone stepped into this role :)

> Sorry for the inconvinience.
> Albert
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