ALERT: KDElibs (at least) 4.8.4 is actually 4.8.80+

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Jun 11 05:24:23 UTC 2012

On Sunday, June 10, 2012 20:17:56 Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
> On 10.06.2012 15:27, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> >> - - Before announcing the tarballs, build the whole thing at
> >> least once.
> > 
> > We do that, that's why we have a week before the release where
> > packagers get access to pre-release tarballs.
> No, that's for us packagers to "do our thing". What you give us
> should, as a rule, build and install properly.

As Albert says, it's really a difference in perception. We decide to put 
tarballs up as soon as possible, even while we're still testing them. If we 
decided to run a test before that, we'd have people asking for it right away 
as well.

That is really easy to solve: Only build the tarballs we actually put our 
"final" tag on. You'll have the updates later in your repos, but you won't get 
any of the smoke test problem.
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