Notifying project teams (was: Re: kde-runtime does not finds kactivites)

Myriam Schweingruber myriam at
Sun Jun 10 13:12:22 UTC 2012

/me puts her Quality Team hat on.

On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 12:45 PM, Andreas K. Huettel
<dilfridge at> wrote:
> Am Sonntag 10 Juni 2012, 00:52:28 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
>> Basically the same goes to all the rest of your mails, if things don't
>> build, the first person to speak to is the corresponding development
>> team/maintainer so such problems get fixed asap.
> That is a reasonable suggestion, however please let me answer with a
> reasonable suggestion of my own:
> I'm usually not following the day-to-day development of, say, kdebindings.
> Which means I am not subscribed to the kde-bindings mailing list. However,
> this list is the correct place, I guess, to report kde-bindings issues.
> When I post something there, it's first held for moderator approval, which may
> take a while. For every single e-mail. For every kde team e-mail list. Again.
> Mailman has this great feature of "whitelisting" senders even if they are not
> subscribers. Would you consider as a policy eventually whitelisting people
> with an obvious distro e-mail address on the public project mailing lists?
> Does not have to be automatical and on the first try... it's just annoying if
> you get your third "... awaits moderator approval" mail from the same list...

I full agree, but instead of going through hoops and write to various
different mailing lists I think all project leads should be subscribed
to this list, that would greatly simplify the work for all of us.

Some are, but by far not all, so all projects in KDE that are involved
in a release should definitely be in here.

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