Why are 4.8.80 packages already out in the wild?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jun 3 23:20:33 UTC 2012

El Dilluns, 4 de juny de 2012, a les 00:51:30, Kevin Kofler va escriure:
> On Monday 04 June 2012, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > I know building packages take time, that's why we give you early access,
> > you should build the packages but you should not publish them before they
> > are official.
> > 
> > If your packaging system does not support that maybe you need to refine
> > your processes.
> The most restrictive thing our build system (Koji) supports is to build the
> stuff in a side tag which does not hit the daily Rawhide. The packages would
> still be in Koji and the corresponding specfiles in our public git
> repositories ("dist-git"), but the packages would NOT show up on FTP/HTTP
> (Rawhide and its mirrors). We cannot completely embargo Fedora packages.
> (For embargoed security advisories, the Fedora builds are only started once
> the embargo is lifted. But IMHO doing that for KDE SC packages would not be
> practical because of the time it takes to prepare them. There is also no
> strong need for an embargo, in particular, there are no security reasons
> for it.)
> > Sorry, but no, this is a release team matters, since it's a privilege we,
> > the releas team, are giving you, the packagers.
> > 
> > We need to decide under which terms those privileges happen. Letting the
> > packagers decide decide which rights they get, would be be like
> > politicians
> > deciding the salary policitians get, a mess.
> Sorry, but you have to listen to the needs of the packagers, not just give
> out a diktat. We are not out to arbitrarily grab power, we have genuine
> needs that have to be addressed. Arbitrarily deciding what we should do
> without listening to what we NEED to do is not going to work.

Yes, we have to listen your needs, that's exactly why i invited you to join 
the release team and discuss together with us and find a place where our needs 
meet yours.


> I will also remind you that KDE is as popular as it is today ONLY because it
> is widely packaged in distributions. Without packaging, KDE's userbase
> would be only an extremely tiny fraction of what it is now. I can also
> point you to several projects which have been forked into irrelevance
> because they ignored distributions' needs (see e.g. XFree86). Do not bite
> the hand that feeds you!
>         Kevin Kofler

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