KDE 4.8.5 tarballs available

Scott Kitterman kde at kitterman.com
Mon Jul 30 22:41:30 UTC 2012

On Monday, July 30, 2012 07:54:56 PM Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> I have packaged up the current KDE/4.8 branches as KDE 4.8.5 tarballs and
> uploaded it to the usual location, which hopefully resolves all the
> regressions in 4.8.4.
> I am a bit late, as I was busy and then sickleaving last week, so the
> release is delayed until we get positive feedback from interested packagers
> that the release looks good.

diff -Nru kde4libs-4.8.4/CMakeLists.txt kde4libs-4.8.5/CMakeLists.txt
--- kde4libs-4.8.4/CMakeLists.txt      2012-06-06 16:54:04.037853620 -0400
+++ kde4libs-4.8.5/CMakeLists.txt       2012-07-30 11:03:35.752576253 -0400
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
 macro_log_feature(LIBINTL_FOUND "Libintl" "Support for multiple languages" 
"http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext" FALSE "" "STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Enables 
KDE to be available in many different languages")

-set(SOPRANO_MIN_VERSION "2.5.60")
+set(SOPRANO_MIN_VERSION "2.7.56")
 macro_optional_find_package(Soprano ${SOPRANO_MIN_VERSION} COMPONENTS 
 macro_log_feature(SOPRANO_FOUND "Soprano" "Support for the Nepomuk semantic 
desktop system" "http://soprano.sourceforge.net" FALSE 
 macro_log_feature(SOPRANO_PLUGIN_RAPTORPARSER_FOUND "Soprano Raptor Parser" 
"Support for the Nepomuk semantic desktop system" 
"http://soprano.sourceforge.net" FALSE "" "")

This change is potentially a showstopper for Kubuntu.  Could we please not 
require dependencies to be updated in point releases?  

Scott K

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