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Scott Kitterman sklist at
Sun Jul 15 16:15:02 UTC 2012

Heinz Wiesinger <HMWiesinger at> wrote:

>On Sunday 15 July 2012 14:56:17 Sune Vuorela wrote:
>> On 2012-07-15, Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto <jmbsvicetto at>
>> > So, can you please use "-" and not "~". The "-" character has a
>> > special meaning on versions for us. The "~" character can cause
>> > for us, as we use it when specifying dependencies on other packages
>> > a "fuzzy version dependency".
>> So. Bottom line here is that if '-' (dash) is used to separate
>> from 'prerelease string', the debian and ubuntu and modern rpm land
>> have to fudge the versions.
>Slackware will have to replace the '-' as well, usually with a '_' 
>(underscore). No technical issues with the tilde.

Which (the last several replies), I think  highlights nicely why, whatever is displayed, it's best if the underlying technical version number should be strictly numeric/decimal.

Scott K

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