[RFC] Bugzilla "Feature" Severity

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Jul 12 23:15:10 UTC 2012


Wondering if we should add a new bugzilla severity type called "Feature".

This is something a product owner can add to a bugzilla issue.  Users should not be able to set this.
When users request new features -- we call those "wishes".  This new type will be for features that
the development teams plan to implement according to milestones.

The idea is we could  query on this severity type when auto-generating feature plans.

A small technicality: we need to be able to close (or monitor) bugzilla for new features of the current milestone
at the appropriate freeze time. i.e at the 4.10 soft freeze we can't permit any new 4.10 features being
added to bugzilla.  No sure how we can enforce this.

We would do away with the wiki-based feature plans currently on techbase: replacing with a bugzilla query.

For example, the query for all wishes planned for 4.10 are:

but I am proposing:

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