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Michael Jansen kde at
Thu Jul 12 18:00:27 UTC 2012

> > > I agree with David here, just release everything, it's easier for
> > > everyone.
> > 
> > No it is not. It is a waste of bandwidth, resources and time for all
> > involved.
> Why do you ask for opinions of you are in possession of the truth?

I do not understand why you are saying that.

> > Do you really think forcing an update of unchanged modules for our
> > convenience will help those of us trying to use plasma for mobile devices?
> That's the work of the distributor for those mobile devices.

Exactly as i said. For our convenience we put the work on their shoulders. 
This will hurt the plasma mobile effort.

> > I will implement the ability to skip release for unchanged modules (fully
> > automated) and would ask everyone here to really think twice before asking
> > the release team to keep the current practice of releasing everything.
> > Because there is no reason.

Implementing the ability does not mean it has to be done like that. That is 
not my decision. It will be configurable. The decision is for this list.

> Please, next time there is no reason for something, just do it, don't ask
> people involved, complain they don't answer, and when they answer ignore
> them anyway.
> Cheers,
>   Albert
> P.S: Is that blunt enough for you?

No. But you understood me wrong. The word ability does not mean it has to be 
used. So i can't see what gave you the impression i decided for all of us.

Still i have no problem with your email.

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