KSecrets State?

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Tue Jul 10 14:56:33 UTC 2012

It seems it has been moved to playground from kdelibs, but the
application in kdeutils is still sitting there.  Shouldn't that be
moved to playground also until it works?  Every time I build with
kdesrc-build here I get ksecretsserviced which doesn't work, causing
havoc with gnome-keyring which does.


On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Valentin Rusu <kde at rusu.info> wrote:
> Hello Anne-Marie, Rex
> On 05/18/2012 02:37 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> On 05/17/2012 07:01 AM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
>>> A few weeks ago, KSecrets working state was challenged and considered as
>>> still alpha but as we could not agree on removing it from 4.8 releases,
>>> it stayed there.
>>> Now is the question on whether it improved for 4.9 and should be kept in
>>> the 4.9 release series or if it should be put in a development area
>>> again.
>>> Valentin, what's your opinion? Did people try it through the 4.8
>>> releases and reported problems that you improved? What is your vision
>>> for the future?
> Well, unfortunately too few people attempted to test the service so I
> haven't got the amount of feedback I was looking for.
>> Without any positive feedback on either issue, it seems to me that
>> ksecrets is doing more harm than good atm, and removing from 4.9 should be
>> considered.
> I think that'll be better that way. I'll have some more time to work on it
> the fall of the summer, when the "strategic project" I'm working on for my
> employer will go into production.
> Regards,
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> Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
> KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)
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