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Thu Jul 5 19:34:11 UTC 2012

> > In the case of Gentoo, we start our work of doing a new KDE release by
> > bumping the ebuild (Gentoo package format) version - for example we
> > bump kdelibs-4.8.3 to kdelibs-4.8.4 or kate-9999 to kate-4.8.95.
> > As the name of the tarball that we try to download is based on the
> > package version, if you have a
> So you guys have some artificial version 4.x.49.9999 which downloads
> sources from a branch and builds them? Artificial in not released by kde?
> So everyone out there having this version does not really know which
> version he has? Because it depends on when he built?

These versions are hardmasked and usually not visible to users.

The build log contains timestamp and git commit hash of every repository 
involved, and is a hard requirement so we even look at a bug report.

BTW, this actually makes Gentoo a great distribution for KDE development, you 
can very easily run newest master and it's fully integrated with the 
distribution package management.

> Can i interpret that that you guys would get problems too if we would not
> release all our packages with 4.9.2 . Remember we are talking about leaving
> unchanged packages out of the release on minor releases!
See separate mail, yes right now we're relying on same version number for all 
of KDE.


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