Additional commit for 4.8.0 in KWin

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Fri Jan 20 08:47:14 UTC 2012

On Thursday 19 January 2012, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Hi all,
> over the last days we investigated a regression in KWin causing high CPU
> usage. The problem exists in the combination of any effect animating
> closing windows and a window being closed before it became visible at all.
> In such a case the effects would trigger repaints till KWin gets
> restarted. This strange situation can be triggered by opening Amarok.
> Today Philipp finally identified the root cause and fixed it with
> d07964e0af95911a97c3f474b694570cb279878c [1]
> We think that this fix is important enough to be included into the 4.8.0
> release even after tagging and would appreciate if the release team could
> take care of it.

Hi Martin, 

sure, thanks for letting me know. the updated tarball is uploaded: 

cd921fa05bdf6e599f12389bc2318cf4  kde-workspace-4.8.0.tar.bz2


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