KDE 4.8.0 tarballs (try#1)

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Wed Jan 18 21:56:10 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 18 January 2012 4:01:49 PM Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi, 
> I didn't even smoketest them yet, but I just finished generating and uploading 
> the first set of 4.8.0 tarballs. 
> Please report any blocker issues or compilation issues either to kde-packager 
> or release-team
There is a known problem with a combination of kdepim and a recent akonadi server
which breaks searching in KMail (and other apps that rely on Akonadi+Nepomuk for
search info)

A fix is coming as soon as possible, but I'm not sure exactly when.

So.. I might ask Dirk to add a commit to the kdepim tarball.
Or I might ask the packagers to add a commit to their distros.
Or... I'm not sure.  but searching is really a pretty basic requirement
so I'd like to make sure it works for kdepim 4.8.0

I'll keep everyone informed.

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